GDC Teaching Staff

 S.No Name of the Lecturer  Designation Qualifications Phone No. E-Mail
 1. Sri. R.Adinarayana Reddy Principal FAC & Lec. in Chemistry M.Sc., M.Ed., 9440871221 [email protected]
 2. Sri. C.V.Ramana Lecturer in Zoology M.Sc., B.Ed., 7013222148 [email protected]
 3. Sri. K.Lakshmi Narasaiah Lecturer in Botany M.Sc.,M.Phil., M.Ed., 9160058809 [email protected]
 4. Sri. N.B.Sivarami Reddy Lecturer in Physics M.Sc., M.Ed., 9396290755 [email protected]
 5. Sri. K.A.Jamal Basha Lecturer in Physics M.Sc., B.Ed., SLET., 9441549098 [email protected]
 6. Dr. D.Veera Nagendra Kumar Lecturer in Zoology M.Sc., M.A.., B.Ed., Ph.D. 9492657661 [email protected]
 7. Sri. Y.Mahaboob Basha Physical Director B.Com., M.P.Ed., 9949656886 [email protected]
 8. Sri.K.A.Jamal Basha Lecturer in Physics M.Sc., B.Ed., NET., 9441549098 [email protected]
 9. Sri. G.C. Peeraiah Lecturer in Political Science M.A., 8978164429
 10. Sri. J.Ravindra Babu Contract Lecturer in History M.A., (Ph.D.,) 8341757481  [email protected]
 11. Smt.V.Malathi Contract Lecturer in Economics M.A., 8142514242 [email protected]
 12. Sri. P.Chennarayudu Contract Lecturer in Commerce M.Com., B.Ed., APSET., (Ph.D) 9441152003 [email protected]
 13. Sri. G.Rama Krishna Reddy Contract Lecturer in Mathematics M.Sc 9490077498 [email protected]
 14. Sri. P.Babu Ravichandra Contract Lecturer in English M.A., B.Ed., 9949828876 [email protected]
 15. Sri. Y.Siva Sankar Yadav Contract Lecturer in Telugu M.A., TPT 9966054098 [email protected]
 16. Sri. D.Veera Sudharshan Contract Lecturer in Chemistry M.SC., M.Phil., 9949421848 [email protected]
 17. Sri. M.Sreenivasulu Contract Lecturer in Electronics M.Sc., M.E., NET 9908470069 [email protected]
 18. Sri. Y.Eswaraiah Guest Faculty in Commerce M.Com., B.Ed., 9052287046 [email protected]
 19. Sri. S.Muneer Guest Faculty in Computer Science MCA 7799085621 [email protected]
 20. Sri.D.Narasaiah Guest Faculty in Computer Science MCA 7842396616 [email protected]
 21. Sri.N.Rama Subbaiah Guest Faculty in Commerce M.Com 9703909382 [email protected]
 22. Sri. P.Siddeswara Reddy JKC Full Time Mentor MCA 9052003065 [email protected]