General Rules of College Discipline

  1. The Principal of the college has complete power over the maintenance of the discipline of the students of the college.
  2. The Principal may frame from time to time disciplinary rules of permanent or temporary character regulating the conduct with in the college.
  3. On the Report of the Principal or other authorities all such breaches of discipline as in the opinion of these authorities call for the imposition of rustication from examination etc., as punishment will be decided by a separate committee constituted for the purpose. The staff council or a separate committee will pass thereon such orders with approval of the chair man or principal in deemed necessary.
  4. In the Interest of the institution, the Principal shall have the power to impose fine, suspension or expulsion as punishment.
  5. The Principal of the College may prohibit students from attending the political or other meetings if the apprehend a breach of peace.
  6. Students of the College going on strike or guilty of any serious indiscipline shall if so for too immediately at their scholarships.
  7. If any students discontinues he/her studies form the college should inform the same to the principal at an early date.