Our Mission

Education is a tool for achieving human freedom, civilization and progress.  The form, content and methods may change but education is a critical need to the human race forever.  Quality of education determines the pace of progress. The educational institutions themselves shall get educated from time to time to become contemporary and qualitative.  They should also get equipped to lead people into the future. Continuous development is possible through self analysis and guidance.  Subscribing to this modern philosophy of steady and continuous development through self analysis at every stage, we present a critical and detailed account of this institution in the following pages.  We deeply wish to take the service done by this legendary institution, to the people for over nine decades, into the future, even in a better way.

This college has dynamic learned faculty, decided to cater comprehensive and high quality service. Our academic program is to promote student success through educational goal achievement. We strive for excellence, foster a sprit of professionalism, unfurled the innate potentialities and capabilities and helps to navigate the students of this rural area through college life.