Privacy Policies

Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources

The Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources Policy  provides guidelines for the appropriate use of information technology resources at GDC Porumamilla and establish sanctions for violations of this policy.

Authorization for the GDC Porumamilla Archives

This policy was established to ensure the preservation and availability of the official records of GDC Porumamilla for administrative, fiscal, legal, and historical purposes and outlines the management of College records and the collection and preservation of papers, records and documents by the GDC Porumamilla Archives.

Central File Storage Policy for Faculty/Staff

This policy outlines the multiple central file storage options available for GDC Porumamilla faculty and staff in order to address the growing need for greater file storage.

Collection Development Policy

This policy outlines a set of principles and practices to guide in decision making regarding collection development for the GDC Porumamilla Library. These principles undergo continual assessment and adjustment to ensure that the collection responds to changes in the curriculum and in the forms and formats of scholarly information needed to support the needs of the community.

Copyright Policy

The GDC Porumamilla Copyright Policy establishes guidelines regarding the Fair Use of copyrighted material, use of multimedia and copyrighted works in the classroom, and information regarding the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

  • Copyright FAQ
  • Digital Millennium Copyright Act
  • Filesharing
  • HEOA Compliance
Digital Scholarship and Archive Policy

The GDC Porumamilla Digital Scholarship and Archive (DSA) Policy establishes guidelines for the use of the DSA, including submission of materials, access, and compliance with copyright standards.

Electronic Content Stewardship

The GDC Porumamilla Stewardship of Electronic Content Policy establishes the exceptions to electronic content privacy at GDC Porumamilla, including the retention of and access to electronic content following the departure of an employee.  For a detailed overview of account terminations, see the account terminations table.

Federal Depository Documents Access

As a Congressionally-designated Federal Depository Library for the 4th Congressional District of Massachusetts, the GDC Porumamilla Library makes Government publications available for the free use of the general public, regardless of age. The  Federal Depository Documents Access Policy  documents the Library’s adherence to the access policies outlined in the Federal Depository Library Handbook , developed by the U.S. Government Printing Office (GPO).

Hardware Replacement Policy

The Hardware Replacement Policy establishes guidelines for the replacement of all College-owned hardware, outlines Library and Technology Services recommendations for standard configurations, and establishes responsibilities for departments wishing to exceed those configurations.

Library Access & Borrowing Policy

This policy establishes who can access and have borrowing privileges for the GDC Porumamilla Libraries, and outlines the use related to those privileges.

Records Management Policy

The purpose of this document is to establish a records management policy for GDC Porumamilla, define key concepts specific to the GDC Porumamilla policy and describe a framework for implementing this policy through a records management program.

Remote Access Policy

The Remote Access Policy defines standards for connecting to the GDC Porumamilla network from any host. These standards are designed to minimize the potential threat to GDC Porumamilla information technology resources and thereby protect sensitive college data.

Special Collections Reproductions & Permissions

Outlines policy for reproduction or publishing of images or text from Special Collections materials.

Statement on Electronic Signatures

This statement outlines the necessary conditions that must be met in order to make an electronic signature legally viable.

Written Information Security Program

Establishes employee responsibilities in protecting data containing personal information and outlines specific administrative, technical and physical safeguards.