Student Code of Conduct

Govt. Degree College, Discipline committee framed some specified standard regulations of student’s behavior which it considers essential to its educational mission and its community life. These regulations are designed to represent reasonable standards of conduct. The student’ code of conduct governs the behavior of students on campus and at college sponsored activities. Violations of the code may subject individual to disciplinary action.

The following conduct shall constitute good cause for discipline

  1. Every student shall come to the college in time, in clean and decent dress
  2. Every student shall carry his identity card with him and shoe the same when ever he is asked to do so by any staff member.
  3. With out the identity card he/she will not be allowed into the college.
  4. All students are expected to maintain excellent attendance in all classes (more than 75%)
  5. Students are requested not to make noise in the college, who disturb the classes is liable for punishment.
  6. Students are prohibited form loitering in varnadas, campus or classes surroundings during working hours.
  7. Willful or persistent smoking in any area in the campus is strictly prohibited.
  8. Scrubbing on harassing or board or on the walls is strictly prohibited and punishable
  9. Engaging in harassing or discriminatory behavior based on race, religion creed, disability,sex (i.e.,Gender)will be punished
  10. The student shall be courteous to the member of the faculty and are expected to greet them when ever they meet them
  11. No student shall be allow to leave the class room with out the permission of concerned class teacher or until class is cancelled period on administrative reasons
  12. Students who have no class in a particular period shall not disturb other classes at work.
  13. Obstruction or disruption of teaching will be viewed as misconduct and those who involved in will be penalized
  14. Dishonesty, forgery, alteration or misuse of college documents, records or identification: or knowingly furnishing false information will be punished
  15. Bringing cellular telephones and other similar electronic devices must be turned off in class rooms.
  16. If any student violate the conduct such student will be expelled from the class by the lecturer. The student so expelled shall be deemed to be absent for the period. All such case shall be reported to the principal.